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2016-09-09 13:28

Part One: The Route

Now that we’ve given an overview of the route we took, I want to go over the different elements of our trip. For our accommodations, we really mixed things up. We certainly slept on a wide range of sleeping surfaces on our trip.

And, for reference once again—the route map.

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We only stayed in two hotels on our trip. Both came at the perfect time, and both were lovely. I used Hotwire to book both of them, and we loved having the contrast of a nice hotel room to our two-man tent.


Our first hotel was at the Mayflower Hotel in Seattle. Our favourite part of our Honeyfund was being able to send photos and thank our guests for gifts along the way for their gifts and contributions to our trip.

San Francisco?

Our second hotel we visited was in San Francisco at the Warwick Hotel. After two nights of camping,薪资面议, we were so happy to crawl into a hotel bed to rest our weary travelling heads on night seven of our adventure.


And now that I got the boring hotels out of the way, we can talk about our other more interesting sleeping destinations. While the hotels provided comfy beds when we needed them, we only stayed in hotels when they were most convenient for us (i.e., random arrival times). For a good portion of our trip, we used Airbnb to book places to stay. I cannot recommend Airbnb enough. The personal and unique element of finding Airbnbs on our journey was definitely a huge highlight of our trip.

Port Angeles, WA

The first Airbnb we stayed in was a micro-cabin in the middle of the woods. We had a really long day and were pretty tired by the time we arrived. This cabin was built by the owner using all recycled materials, and was the perfect cozy stop for Washington. The bed was actually above the living area in a loft, and the cabin even featured an outdoor shower! If you haven’t showered outside before, you should probably go ahead and add that to your bucket list.

Toledo, WA

This was easily our strangest, most out there location on our trip; however, it was one of my most favourite stops. We stayed on a hippie commune called Camp Singing Wind. For real. The community is about 13 people restoring an old girls’ camp, and there is seriously something magical about the place. I am not a great sleeper, yet somehow slept the best I have in years. So not only do the good vibes of this place win a huge spot in my heart, I will forever remember it for the best sleep ever.

Portland, OR

In Portland we stayed in an urban treehouse. This was a great option for Portland, as our hosts offered a plethora of information and suggestions to eat our way through the city. We also majorly appreciated that they had a cat and dog that we could snuggle, since we were really starting to miss Nelson and Vada at this point in the trip.

The guest map

Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach was our final and longest stop on our trip. We absolutely loved staying in Venice Beach (Mr. Narwhal especially). The?little garden cabin was perfect for us, and a short walk to the beach. We loved staying right in Venice and feel we had a much richer experience being able to stay in the neighbourhood. This little cabin also won second place for best sleeps. ?


Our packing was a tad bit interesting when it came to the trip. One of our checked suitcases was entirely camping gear! Talk about first test of our marriage, sharing a suitcase for the first time! We packed our two-man tent, one blanket, one sleeping bag, one sheet, two mattress pads, flashlights, a pan, and cutlery. We also purchased a Styrofoam cooler in Washington, a small pot, and a cheap pillow from Target. It was definitely during our camping adventures that we questioned our honeymoon choice the most, but now that the trip is over, the nights in the tent just add so much to our trip that we wouldn’t have gotten from a hotel room. Nothing beats scrambled eggs cooked over a campfire or waking up cuddled up in a tent. We camped in South Beach, Salt Point State Park,白姐统一图库彩图, Yosemite, and Big Sur.

Our camping ground in Yosemite

Did you stay in some out-there locations for your honeymoon?

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